Memories of Taiwan Summers

Screenprint on Bristol Paper 8.5x11”

This is a series of screenprints based on photos that my sister took on various trips to Taiwan. As a response to my memories of eating street food and playing on my grandparent’s farm, my color palette includes fluesorent colors: hot pink, lime green, neon orange, and turquoise. These colors highlight the bright city lights that I always see in Taiwan, and are a symbolic of the happiness I always feel when visiting there. Muted colors made the fluesorent ones more readable, and, for the process, I used a paper stencil and computer photo transfer. 

Response to “Around the Corner from Market Square”

Poster 30x12”

Instruction on Desktop: Move the artwork to reveal the plaque and transcription of the rubbing.

The current plague hung up at RISD does not address Providence’s prominent slave trade history. To show the connection with plaque, I used the plaque’s metal type as a tool to write my message. I enjoyed creating this piece and the way it looks like nothing because it is representative of how the history of slavery is often overlooked.


A look into past and recent works.