Personal Branding


The way the English and Chinese typefaces are intertwined intrinsically ties to my identity as a second generation Taiwanese-American because these parts of my life are indistinguishable from each other.
The English script is of my initials and represents the fluidity of speaking English as compared to the blocky Chinese characters because Chinese does not come easy to me and, oftentimes, my Mardarian sounds choppy.

I took inspiration from Taiwan and California’s scenic landscape. The dark purple is my favorite color and reminds me of a family trip to Napa, filled with fields of lavender. The mint green is reminiscent of my grandparent’s farm in the mountains of Taiwan, covered in tropical plants.

The abstract shapes are a visual language, symbolizing each of the Chinese characters.


hope & anchor hardware


This is an identity for a gardening store, hope & anchor hardware. Due to COVID-19, many people have been looking for friends, especially plant friends.

I used various florally imperfect and organic shapes to communicate the vibrant and luscious goods that the store sells. Inside certain shapes, there are hidden garden creatures. The green represents nature, and the pink symbolizes hope. The shapes can be used individually or with the other shapes to create a dynamic composition of a garden.

The type is set in Woodland PP, a beautiful, curvy, versatile serif typeface that gives an earthy feel.

Abstract Visual System 

Branding 17x 11” Posters

This system was inspired by Julie’s Mehetru's work, and based on an architectural floor plan as well as an assortment of shapes and lines to enhance the base. In addition, it is accompanied by a gif.
Feel free to create your own! Here are the rules.

Letraset 1950s

Poster 30x15”

This is a poster about Letraset 1950s.

I scanned Letraset to provide life-size measurements, and then rotated the letters to capture Letraset’s playful capabilities.